Using Glass to Enhance Your Home Bar

June 22, 2016

Using glass is a surefire way to spice the basic home bar look without needing to completely change the design of the room. As we’ve mentioned before, glass stands out for its ability to fit into any size, shape, and style of room.

Glass Shelves in a Home BarFor those with home bars, you know that presentation is half the battle. You have to rearrange bottles on shelves so that labels are visible and make it look like there is some order to it. Bars that are fully stocked could look dark with a wall lined with bottles. Rather than adding clunking wood shelves, opt for glass to brighten the look.

Glass bar tops are also a smart style choice for their aesthetic appeal. And a bonus is that they are easy clean up. It’s a bar which means there will be spills so choosing to have a glass countertop removes the worry about rings and spill spots which you may find on a wood bar. Not to mention, glass tops will last longer than wood as it does not warp or fade over time.


Aside from the longevity standpoint, glass shelves and countertops add more variety within your home with the multiple options we have. Tabletops are available in standard clear glass, Starphire (ultra-clear) glass, colored glass, patterned glass, or frosted glass. Shelves can be done in textured glass, colored glass, or frosted glass with a variety of bracket options available. The possibilities are endless on how you can pair or mix and match glass types to create a unique and coveted at home bar look.

Glass Home Bar with Glass Bar Top and Glass Shelves to Hold Bottles

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