5 Glass Architecture Travel Destinations

January 23, 2017

Glass Architecture DestinationsIf you’re planning to travel in the new year, take a look at these glass architecture destinations.

The Skydeck

Where: Chicago, IL  

The ledge found on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower is a staggering 1,353 feet in the air. The ledges extend 4.3 feet from the skyscraper’s skydeck. Willis Tower is the 8th-tallest building in the world and is the tallest in the Western Hemisphere at 1, 450 feet and 110 stories.

The Louvre

Where: Paris, France

The Louvre originally served as one of the main residences of French kings. In 1793, it became a museum. Today, the museum boasts 73,000 sq. m of artwork ranging from the middles ages to 1848, as well ancient civilization, adding up to over 35, 000 pieces of work on display at a time.

National Grand Theater of China

Where: Beijing, China

The theater has a total surface area of 149, 500 sq. m that extends to the center of a lake. The curved building contains three performance auditoriums including an opera house, a seat concert hall and a theatre, in addition to exhibit spaces. A unique feature for the building is the way it is connected to shore- by a 60-meter long transparent underpass, design to keep the exterior of the building untouched.


Where: Tokyo, Japan’s Aoyama district

The Prada store in Tokyo’s fashion district is a unique, six-story building made of glass crystals. The structure has a five-sided shape of glass diamond-shaped panels and smooth interior curves. The architect for the building described the glass panes as “an interactive optical device.”

Foundation Louis Vuitton

Where: Paris, France

The architect for the building sought out to create a structure that encompassed the culture of France. For the Louis Vuitton Foundation’s building, Frank Gherys designed glass sails to cover panels of ductal which gives the building its unique shape and bright white color. Each stage of construction pushed the norm in the glass architecture world, unveiling new design styles and accomplishments.


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