And We’re Back Baby

June 29, 2010

After a long hiatus we are officially back. I know, I know, without the blog your life hasn’t been quite the same. You probably found yourself giving way to tears for no reason at all, thinking to yourself what’s wrong with me? I have no answer for that, maybe you should see a doctor.

Well the return of the blog signifies something more, our new website is finished and it looks amazing. I assume it will be the talk of the town. I’m sure other websites will start gossiping – saying our website had work done and needs to dress it’s age, who does that website think it is?

In all seriousness, the new site was designed specifically to be a useful aid to us and our wonderful customers and it couldn’t have turned out better. You can now easily make decisions on your new frameless shower, mirrors, glass railing, backsplashes, table tops and much more. It’s all here, photos, slide shows, hardware selections and more.

Thank you to Anna, Darren, Lucas and everyone at the Cyphers Agency who put their hard work and time into our project. The checks in the mail, and by mail I mean we have no money…just kidding…but seriously, we can pay you with something better than money – Hugs…Lucas you’re up first buddy!

Christian F.

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