A World Without Borders

August 22, 2011

A World Without Borders

Borders is going out of business. Not those invisible little lines that divide land and create social disorder, no I’m referring to the book stores. In fact if you head over to a Borders store you’re likely to see giant signs advertising that “Everything’s on sale 40 to 60 percent off.”

Sounds great right?!  Well not for Borders, but for us…Yahtzee! So off I went, and as I began browsing I realized something sinister was afoot. Borders didn’t actually want to sell me their merchandise. And not just me, they didn’t want to sell it to anyone! They wanted to keep it for themselves. Now no one came out and said it, but I could tell.

How? Well items that would normally cost you $10, $15 or even $20 at any other store were $40 to $50 dollars at Borders. In fact I left there and went to Target and found a DVD for $9.99, the exact and I mean exact same DVD was at Borders for $39.99! Now according to my math department, even with a 40% discount that’s still way more than I should be spending.

Gee, I wonder why they’re going out of business. I’m so shocked!

Selling the exact same merchandise at insanely higher prices than other stores, RIDICULOUS! They should be ashamed of themselves, I mean is that stuff better just because it came from Borders?!

Doesn’t River Glass Designs sell the same Frameless Showers at higher prices than other places?



Well, let me help you understand something, yes, we’re not the cheapest when it comes to Frameless Showers…and that’s a good thing.

We use only the highest quality products; in fact we are so confident in the way our hinges are manufactured that they come with a lifetime warranty. Not from the manufacturer, the warranty comes directly from us.

We offer six different standard pulls and 5 standard finishes so that each customer can find one that fits their taste without having to pay more.

We have the world’s most meticulous and detail oriented estimators and installers, because you don’t just want a Frameless Shower, you want handcrafted slice of luxury.

So we do have one thing in common with Borders, we are great at what we specialize in. For Borders its books, not DVD’s or games or music or toys, simply books. And for us it’s glass, glass showers, mirrors, shelves, and more.

So in conclusion…River Glass Designs, we’re more than great coats….Wait I think that’s….another….

What I meant to say was River Glass Designs, We’re everywhere you want to be…

….River Glass Designs…Where’s the beef????

I’m confused now….

Christian F.

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  • wg says:

    I thought the same thing when I went to Boarders! I did see one of your estimating cars yesterday, can he measure my frameless shower this week. I think he is European. Awesome (MINI)


  • Garden and Abode says:

    So sad about Borders, but perked up when I read your “where’s the beef” comment. hee hee