And Why Not?

November 16, 2009

At River Glass Designs, we like to be upfront with our customers. So when someone comes in to get that frameless shower, we tell them that the only thing out of our control when using us, is the tempering process because, we don’t temper our own glass. And why not? Well that’s something that has been evaluated and no matter how you look at it, it comes down to this: The cost is astronomical and we’re not just talking money. For a custom glass company to have their own tempering line and have it be worthwhile they would have to bring in a lot and I mean A LOT of work, sometimes more than one is equipped to handle. Now, in order to get this work, they are going to have to cut cost somewhere. Usually it’s in the quality of the materials. Cheaper hinges, Thinner glass, Bulky Headers to support the thinner glass and so forth. Plus, if you are bringing in more work than you can handle then not only does the quality of your materials suffer but then the quality of your work suffers as well. And what about customer service? How can you possibly have time to give each customer the attention they need and deserve? Yeah here at River Glass Designs we don’t temper our own glass. And why not? Well money aside, the COST is just too high.

Christian F.

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