How to Best Use Mirrors in Your Space

December 21, 2016

Mirrors are space-creating accents that will transform your small room into a spacious retreat! Check out these mirror decorating tips.

When considering additions to your small room or space, one of of the best investments you could make is a large statement mirror. Adding a mirror behind furniture or behind a light source in your home will drastically improve the appearance of size and space..


If you’re struggling to bring light into a room naturally, place a mirror opposite your window. The reflection of the window will add more natural light to your room. 

Done right, a mirror wall can add to the appearance of space and style in a room. The biggest don’t when it comes to mirror walls is having the mirrors so uniform that you have people guessing if it’s a wall or another room. Break up the reflection with framed mirrors, antiqued mirrors or even multiple, different sized mirrors.

If your home allows for it, mirrored panels under staircases or even gallery walls made of mirrors are great ways to add a lighter and more open feel to your space. Contrast is important in creating your mirror gallery wall, so keep that in mind when choosing your mirrors or frames to go on mirrors.


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