Birth Of The Frameless Shower?

October 17, 2011

It was no simple bathroom. The Duchess of Latveria spent years picking out every detail. The last thing she would focus her intricate attention on, was the shower. Her vision was as clear as a summer sky, reality was not. Glass had never been cut, formed, molded or even thought of , in the ways her mind did. It would be a daunting task. After the failures of some of the most sought after craftsmen, hope seemed to fade. Until  he showed up. His name: Norrin Radd. Over the next few months he would hand craft the Duchess vision and create the gateway to the modern frameless shower…

Not even close! In fact about 75% of that story is lies and by 75% I mean 100% of that story is lies.

So I don’t know who invented the Frameless Shower, so what!

Am I suppose to know that since I’m in the Frameless Shower business.

Your Company is named River Glass Designs…Glass is right there in the name, you should know these things.

Well for your information I did a ton of research to try and find out who invented the Frameless Shower and I couldn’t find diddly squat on Wikipedia.

Besides do all of you computer people know who invented the computer…

…well that was an easy one, everyone knows it was Best Buy.

Pizza people?

Oh yeah…I forgot,

… Sbarro.

Well I bet none of you know who invented …uh…uh…Karate!

Um, One Mister Steven Seagal! BAM!

Seacrest Out!

Christian F.

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  • Anna says:

    I’m gonna go with the Duchess of Latvia version of this story. The truth is probably way more boring.

  • Marc says:

    You two need to get out more often. And by out, I mean OUT. Not like going to GameStop and buying a game and eating pizza. I mean OUT. Like McDonald’s PlayLand OUT.

  • wg says:

    Was she friends with the Duchess Shirley? Who ever designed this shower is really royal.


  • Maureen says:

    I have no idea who invented the frameless shower but I’d love to know who designed that bathroom and shower in the picture…love it, I want one for my house!

  • Kaminkassette says:

    Hey, the bathroom seems to be of modern looks. I wish, I could have this type of bathroom in my home. Thanks for the share.

  • GarryOwen says:

    I don’t know who invented the frameless shower enclosure, but they sure are a nice change from the standard shower enclosures