Decorating with Mirrors

July 23, 2019

Mirrors are awesome. They show you the most attractive person in the world every time you look at them! What could be better than that, right? Well, there is one thing that’s also worth noting- they’re secret weapons when it comes to décor! Today, we’re here to show, er tell, you that mirrors are not just functional. Repeat it with us. “Mirrors are not just functional.” Here’s why.

1. Mirrors can create depth in small areas. Photo of Mirror Creating Depth in Small Space
Let’s talk about one  an often-overlooked area in the home, the entryway. This isn’t just the place where you take your shoes off or hang up your coat. It’s the first area guests see so why not add something to make them impressed. Mirrors in narrow or small spaces like the entryway can help create depth and therefore make visitors see the room as larger and brighter!

2. Mirrors bring light to dark rooms.
Put a mirror across from a window and you instantly create the effect of having a second window! Mirrors can also be placed behind lights to enhance the shine.

3. Mirror designs can be ornate, like art!Ornate Mirror Design Photo
We can do antique mirrors, we can do different shapes, and we can help you find awesome hardware. The design of mirrors can also vary from simplistic to grandiose making them as essential to home décor as paintings.

4. Mirrors make rooms feel larger.
We made a small mention of this in the beginning, but mirrors reflect light which makes a space feel larger. When you add a floor-length mirror to a room this will help create continued depth where it may not truly be thus tricking the eyes into seeing more to the room. 

These are trade secrets that should only be discussed with the River Glass Designs team during normal business hours. Give us a call and we will design a space-creating mirror just for you!

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