Did You Feel That?!

August 24, 2011

Hulk Smash

Yesterday, August 23, 2011, the earth shook beneath the feet of all of us here in the DC Metro Area. I’m sure, like me, most of you immediately thought that the Hulk had finally lost it and decided it was time to smash stuff. How wrong we were. Turns out it was an earthquake. We hope everyone is alright.

We would also like to point out that we have all moved up in the story telling food chain. Yeah that’s right, just think about how this benefits us. Think about all those times one of your relatives or annoying friends tried to one up you in a conversation or make their life seem harder or more exciting than yours.

Let’s see them try it now!

“Oh, you won’t believe the day I had, my boss was being such a jerk!”

Oh really, that’s too bad of course it’s not nearly as bad as being in an EARTHQUAKE!

“Guess what? The family and I are headed to the beach this weekend.”

Oh really, well guess what I did yesterday…EARTHQUAKE!

“Just got a raise!”

Just had an EARTHQUAKE!

“I think I have pink eye.”

EARTHQUAKE!  And you might want to try washing your hands once in a while…cuz that’s how you get pink eye…poo poo fingers.

“Hey I was just in a Volcanic eruption!”

Hey I was just in an earth…quake…

I think volcano might take that one.

Well in all seriousness all of us who make up the River Glass Designs family hope you and your families are okay.

…now how can I use this to sell Frameless Showers

Christian F.


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