Design Challenge: Floating Glass Bar in Columbia, MD

November 11, 2014

Floating Glass Bar, Columbia, MD


We love a lot of things about working at here at River Glass Designs, but there is just something so great about helping people complete a project that they didn’t think was possible. We recently had the opportunity to help a couple in Columbia, MD complete their dream kitchen.

When Marilynn and Hugo Draxl wanted to renovate their kitchen, they knew exactly what they wanted. What they didn’t know is if they were going to be able to find the right people to properly execute their idea. They wanted a space that would feel like a fluid area, and they wanted to bring the wonder of the outdoors, inside. Together with designer, April Pardoe the Draxls worked to create the perfect space.

They started with the windows – which were large enough to feel like the beautiful outdoor space was incorporated into the house. Once they decided they liked the minimalistic nature of glass – they knew they wanted to incorporate it as much as possible. This is where we came in.After the Draxls were told their idea simply couldn’t be executed, they came to us. We were tasked with the challenge of designing a glass breakfast bar that seamlessly hovered by a window, making it appear as if it were floating. This was a difficult project, but we love a good challenge. Our team came up with a pretty amazing design (if we don’t say so ourselves) that we were able to execute exactly as planned. We are so happy with the finish product and we are glad the Draxls love their new space. The finished breakfast bar turned out so well it actually appeared in the Baltimore Sun’s Chesapeake Home + Living!  Floating Glass Bar facing trees by River Glass Designs


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