Front Row…

July 12, 2010

Mary Poppins Musical PosterLast Night I went to see Mary Poppins  the Musical at the Kennedy Center and I had front row seats. And when I say front row seats, I mean there was me, then the orchestra and then the stage. FRONT ROW! The only bad thing is that I was there to see Mary Poppins the Musical. However, in all seriousness, it was quite good. But what really caught my attention was something I saw during intermission. All the glass bar tops were exactly like some of the glass bar tops we create right here at River Glass Designs. I then thought about you, all of our loyal readers and potential clients. I began thinking you could have the elegance of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, right in your own home.  Just think what a conversation piece it would be…

“Why Cordelia, what a lovely bar top!”

“Oh Thank You Hillary! It’s the same as the ones in the Kennedy Center. I told Charles we absolutely must have them, especially since we put in the Amphitheater.”

Hmmmm. An amphitheater – that sounds pretty AWESOME!

If anyone good comes to play- like Elmo & Friends  or Power Rangers Live – don’t forget your old friend Christian. And I want front row seats. And when I say front row seats I mean,  there’s me, then the orchestra and then the stage…

Christian F.

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