Green or Clear?

March 20, 2019

That is one question we will ask you during the initial design process. We’re not asking if you’d like to be eco-friendly or not, that’s another part of the process, we’re asking about color! Now, don’t go crazy, we’re not asking if you’d like a lime green shower, rather we want to know if you’re okay with the natural green tint in clear glass showing on the edges.Green or Clear Glass

It’s not a huge deal. It will not change the overall appearance of the glass shower, except for on the sides. In some bathrooms, the green tint is an awesome little added design piece, in others it will totally throw things off. So, take into account the overall look and color scheme you want for your bathroom oasis and then let us know!

The alternative to clear glass with a natural green tint is our Ultra Clear Starphire Glass that has no green tint AT ALL. It’s awesome and perfect for bathrooms that are going to have a very specific design. Interested in learning more? Give us a ring!   

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