How to use mirrors in bathrooms

July 23, 2020

Mirrors can add a more grandiose effect to any bathroom. Not only are they essential for your morning and nightly routine, but they can be placed in many different, useful spots around the bathroom. Let’s dive into how you can incorporate glass mirrors into your bathroom area in new and creative ways!

Enhance your vanity:

Vanities tend to be a focal point in bathrooms. It’s where you’ll likely spend most of your time getting ready. Mirrors are also a staple in vanity areas and the placement can be as fun or creative as you’d like. Take into account your sink space. Do you have dual sinks? Or just one? Do you need a larger mirror that shows your upper torso or would a face mirror be better suited to your needs? Customizing your vanity with a glass mirror will add another layer of charm to your bathroom. 

Use your wall space:

Why not utilize your wall space with a beautiful full-wall glass mirror? Not only does this give the room a larger feel but it also provides a mirror large enough to see yourself head to toe! This is an easy way to spruce up a wall you already have and make it into something useful.

Create a mirrored cabinet:

Bathroom storage is essential for all of your health and beauty needs, and we all know there’s nothing better than hidden storage. Instead of a bland bathroom cabinet, dress it up with a glass mirror placed on the door to the cabinet! This is a simple way to add in an extra mirror for those who need it but also keep your storage space a little prettier. Placing this mirrored cabinet across from a window can also help bounce more light into your bathroom. 


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