How to Incorporate Glass in Your Home

October 18, 2016

Glass is a great accent for your home because of its versatility. As an increasingly popular addition to lifeless rooms, glass can class up a room, add brightness or add a modern vibe. Here are some tips for adding glass accents to your rooms.

  • Consider the feel you want your room to haveglass-coffee-table
    • If you’re going for a “modern” vibe, then glass is a great option. The clean lines and edges on glass table tops create a very formal and structured feel.
    • Glass accents are great for formal rooms and offices in your home.
    • If you want to use glass in a “warm” toned room, try adding gold hardware to accent the glass piece and add a classic feel.
  • Think about who will be using it
    • If you’re about to invest in a glass table or glass chairs, think about how your kids or pets will use and play with them. If you live in a busy household make sure you understand the strength of your glass and how to protect it from damage over time.
  • Consider your design theme
    • Glass paired with white base pieces gives the illusion of additional space in a room. If you’re choosing glass for your home, give thought to the other colors in the space and how they will look together.

wine-doorsNot sure where you can include glass in your home? Here are some ideas!

  • Frameless shower doors are great for smaller bathrooms since they open up the room and allow more natural light to come in.
  • Glass railings are a somewhat unique idea for updating staircases both inside and outside your home.
  • Glass countertops and tables are great for adding a modern touch to your home.
  • Glass partitions or walls are perfect for open concepts that need added privacy.
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