Installing Glass Doors For a Home Gym

October 27, 2015

glass gym doorsWhen one of our favorite clients, Mr.Darren Easton came to us to install a set of glass doors for his home gym, we were excited to help!

Unfortunately, Mr. Easton did not bring us an easy project. When we went to measure the job we realized that the existing door jam was going to present a problem. The door stop in the opening was placed in such a way that we couldn’t attach the hinges needed to hold the weight of the doors. But we were determined to find a solution, and more importantly, a solution that didn’t involve Mr.Easton having to rip out the door frame. So with a little extra work and some special hinges, voila!

Here’s what Mr. Easton had to say about his new doors:

“I think of the fabulous folks at River Glass Designs every time I work out. My gym, the equipment and the overall environment is important to me and my motivation to stay healthy. These fantastic doors were the icing on the cake — to take this gym to the next level. I sometimes forget I’m actually working out at HOME — I feel like I should be paying a membership fee. LOL. I’m so glad to have had the help of the River Glass team that didn’t just give up when I had such a difficult opening to work with.”


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