Use Glass Elements to Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

March 18, 2015

Do you feel like your kitchen is dark and confined? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to add light and create a more airy feeling by incorporating glass design elements.

glass kitchen cabinetsSwitch out your cabinet doors for glass.
Changing the faces on your cabinets to glass will provide an open and airy feeling. Glass cabinets trick the eye into thinking a space is bigger than it really is since the eye can see past the cabinet door and deep inside of the space.

To achieve this effect, it is not necessary to change all of your cabinet faces to glass. It could be over-kill depending on the layout of your kitchen. But if you choose 3-5 cabinets that are strategically placed around the space, it will open up the kitchen.


Glass ShelvesAdd glass shelving.
To complement the glass in your cabinets, try installing a few floating glass shelves to display your china or spice jars. Open shelving can add a visual contrast to a traditional kitchen and it is a perfect way to break up stainless steal elements. Check out this large glass-shelving unit that makes the kitchen feel very spacious.




floating barMake room for natural light.
A great way to make your kitchen feel larger is to incorporate more light. If it is possible, consider enlarging your kitchen window either widthwise or height wise. If you have a window over your sink, bringing it down will provide a sense of spaciousness. If adding or increasing the size of windows is not an option, try adding lighting that goes under your cabinets or shelving.



Glass Breakfast Bar

Use glass on your tabletop or breakfast bar.

Similar to using glass in your cabinets, being able to see through your tabletop or breakfast bar will make your eye see to the ground or countertop and it will make those areas feel much larger.



Colored Glass Backsplash

Pick a reflective backsplash.
You can make your kitchen appear larger by choosing a glass backsplash that reflects light, which will brighten up the space. Depending on the aesthetic you are going for, you can use mirrored, frosted or colored glass to bring your kitchen to life.


If you are interested in adding any of the elements listed above, contact us so our helpful staff can give you everything you need to understand your options and really get started.

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