Learn About 5 Different Types of Glass!

June 19, 2020

Glass can come in almost any size, shape, or color, yes, you read that right, color! Throughout history, glass has evolved into way more than just fancy wine glasses and old decorations. Whether it be for kitchen windows, shower doors, or even a bathroom mirror, glass can be used almost anywhere right in your own home! We’re diving into five different types of glass, what they do, and where they came from. 



Frosted glass is a clear sheet of glass that turns opaque from acid etching or sandblasting. After this process, the glass becomes translucent. There are three different types of frosting; permanent, temporary, and ultra-fine. Frosted glass originated from the Victorians who used the process of French embossing to design a variety of doors and windows. This type of glass is great for kitchen cabinets (when you don’t want to show off all those mismatched dishes), or even as a privacy glass door for a bathroom or closet area. Fancy, eh?


Back Painted Color Glass

Colored glass was originally found in Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. Today, a variety of colors can show up behind your glass backsplash. Here at River Glass Designs, we specialize in custom colored backsplashes to add an extra pop to your kitchen. Not only are they fun to look at but the glass element makes it easier than ever to clean and wipe up any kitchen spills. Colored shelves are also another way to utilize this type of glass for a fun storage area or entertainment stand for the whole family to enjoy!



Patterned and textured glass features a custom design and look. Adding a texture or pattern to your glass can provide privacy wherever you need it (shower doors, bathroom enclosures, etc.). This type of glass will also allow light to shine through since it is still a glass material. Including patterns or textures on glass is a great way to show off your fun personality or eye for unique design. Check out this raw edge shower divider we made for one of our customers!



Starphire is a type of high-clarity glass that is made from silica with low amounts of iron. Using a lower level of iron diminishes the blue/green tint you often see on thick and larger pieces of glass. Starphire glass is also just as strong as regular tempered glass and can handle any type of regular use.

Image via glasscompanyny.com


Antique Mirror 

This type of glass resembles a cloud-like abstract material in order to portray a more “vintage” look. There are several materials used to accomplish this type of unique glass, including paint stripper, muriatic acid, and gold spray paint. Depending on the look you’re going for, these materials can be switched with others for a different final product. Antique mirror glass still gives off natural light and can function as a mirror for all of your beauty needs. The only difference? A classic vintage design that feels unique in your home! 

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