Let’s Talk Colored Glass!

September 18, 2019

Hello lovely blog readers. It’s nice to virtually meet you and welcome to our blog.  Today, we’re talking colored glass!

colored glass project photo

At the start of a colored glass project we ask our awesome clients to think about the colors they love and choose 3 they’d like to see in a sample. Once our samples are done and you choose the color that fits your space’s vibe it’s on to creation! Special note, colored glass is great because it adds personality and still retains the natural beauty and durability of standard glass.

Our colored glass creations use ¼” low iron glass to give your color the truest possible look. No distorted colors, here! If you want magenta, magenta is what you will get.  

Another cool thing we like to mention- it’s all done in house! Our incredible team creates your dream colored glass right here in Rockville.

If you have questions or want to get samples started, give us a ring! 301.977.3020.

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