Making The Impossible Possible

February 20, 2015

impossible glass breakfast barYou remember that amazing glass breakfast bar we did in Columbia? Well, we had such a great time working on this project, we wanted to give a little overview of how it happened.

The Draxls made an appointment with us as a last ditch effort after being told by two other companies that their vision simply couldn’t be executed. When they came in to the showroom they described what they were looking for – a glass top in front of a window with a “floating” look. We thought, wow this would be so cool but quite the challenge. The problem was that there was no “invisible” way to connect the glass top to the glass window. But, before we also told them it couldn’t be done, we asked for pictures of the area and started problem solving. We knew we could theoretically mount the glass into the sidewalls and make it work – the problem was finding the right bracket to execute that installation. Sounds easy right? Well, we quickly found that the bracket we needed didn’t exist. This small bump didn’t deter us though. We got to work designing a custom bracket that we knew could work in the space. We sent the plans to a metals fabricator, and they said they could make it for us. Once the custom brackets were completed we handed them over to the contractor to have him bolt them through the studs in the unfinished sidewall. Then he and his team finished the wall overtop of the bracket so you couldn’t see the mounting hardware.

From there, we made sure the glass was cut perfectly to work around the shape of the opening (which wasn’t perfectly rectangular and we had some grooves to work around). So we did a wood cutout (based on sizes we measured), set it on top of the brackets to make sure it fit and then we used that wood top as the template for the glass top.



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