May the Remodeling Vibe Be with You

May 4, 2018

Good, change is. Remodel you must.

If Yoda said it, it must be true. That’s the rule of River Glass Designs. Kidding, we are, but it’d be a pretty epic way to live your life.

This month we want to give you that extra nudge or inspiration you may need to take the leap and start a remodeling project!

The process is easy with the right team. We meet, we chat, we take your ideas and turn them into plans and you get the best looking glass remodel or addition ever. There are lots of things we can do for you; glass showers, custom mirrors, frosted glass doors, colored glass backsplashes, glass tabletops, and more. It’s a lot to process, which is why we’d love for you to schedule a free consultation. Or you can check out the product galleries on our website and if you’re still in need of inspiration, check out our Pinterest!

So, may the remodeling vibe be with you and call us you will!

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