One Step At A Time

November 2, 2009

You’re probably forced to climb at least one flight every day. At work, school, even at home. When you meet them you probably have your briefcase, your books, the groceries, Stairs. The worst. I mean how hard could it be to get an escalator or an elevator. Some days you may even sit at the bottom really evaluating if you even need to climb them. “Maybe I’ll just sleep in the kitchen tonight.” But, What if you wanted to climb stairs? Hear me out. What if you had stairs so beautiful you looked forward to seeing them? Do such stairs even exist? Enter, River Glass Designs, and the glass stairs.

Just think how beautiful they would be.  Plus you would love going up and down the stairs. Which would then lead to rapid weight loss? Your friends, intrigued by how good you look, come over and see the beautiful glass stairs. Your popularity skyrockets. You spend evenings at home laughing with the stairs at your friends who have wood stairs, or even worse carpeted stairs. Carpeted Stairs? What is this 1972? Oh, just think how it could be….

Christian F.

Glass Stairs

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