Ready – Set – Write!

May 10, 2010

Writing on the WallYou are probably surrounded by them right now. Walls. They probably have that smug look on their face. Standing around doing nothing all the time. Except load bearing walls, they bear loads or something; it doesn’t really matter because we’re talking about those other walls.
Well gone are the days of the do-nothing wall because now you can cover them with RiteBoard from GlassKote.

These are high-end alternatives to standard dry erase boards. The glass surface never degrades and can be thoroughly erased. You can even imprint full-color photos or logos in them.
Just imagine, the phone rings and the voice on the other end says: “Listen up and write this down.” Do you frantically look for a piece of paper? No! You simply write on the wall. Take that Mom and Dad we’re writing on the wall, woohoo – On second thought end the celebration and call the authorities, that phone call sounded threatening…

Christian F.

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