Redskins Legend Bathroom Makeover

October 18, 2017

There are some projects that are truly just fun to be a part of. So when John Riggins (yes, that John Riggins) called on us for multiple projects in his home, we almost couldn’t contain our excitement. We used a mix of glass variations throughout his home to create a very open and bright concept.

In the master bathroom we installed a custom, frameless glass that separated the Master Bath Shower from the water closet area.  We fixed large insulated window panels to enhance the design and allow natural light in to illuminate the entire space.

The bridge walkways created an opportunity for us to have some fun and get creative. We installed custom textured glass in two separate bridge walkways for a unique look.  Large panels of glass were transported to the second floors by a special lift system.

When the project was finished, the layout allowed for the picturesque outdoor views to be seen clear as day from the inside. We used exterior glass railings to ensure the views of the outside property were unobstructed.

Not only did we enjoy creating the custom glass fixtures for this property, we loved working with John and Lisa Marie. It always makes a successful project even better when the customer is just as happy as we are with the end result! Not to mention, our work with the Redskins legend gave us some pretty awesome bragging rights and we use them any chance we can get.

“At River Glass, service is what they sell.  Our home required extensive and complex glass installs.  Gary the owner, never abandoned us, even long after the job was completed. He is our ‘go to’ glass guy.” — John & Lisa Marie Riggins

Go Redskins!

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