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March 21, 2011

Shoe Options Meet Frameless Glass Shower Options

Shoes. One word, two very different meanings. For men (and we’re not talking sneakers) they are simply a buffer between horrible smelling feet and the cold, hard, unforgiving ground.

For women, they are a life altering experience.

Women have specific shoes for specific occasions, like going to the grocery store shoes, going to the mall shoes, going to the nice mall shoes, meeting friends shoes, meeting friends with the potential of running into enemies shoes and so forth.

They have specific shoes for days of the week.

They have shoes for different types of weather…and I don’t mean rain, snow, etc. I mean: it’s a full moon shoes, it’s hazy outside shoes, there’s a breeze shoes, it’s windy shoes, the sun is out but not really shoes…

You name it – there’s a shoe for it!

I recently learned all of this when I googled the word Insanity.

Just Kidding Ladies. At least your vices make you look even better, where as men have things like beer and not exercising…

The shoe situation did help me realize that women really love having options when accessorizing. My assumption is that most women would appreciate having a scope of options when decorating their homes as well,  including their bathrooms.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that at River Glass Designs we have tons of options, even when you’re getting something as straight forward as a frameless shower. And I’m not just talking hardware and handles, you have glass options as well, and that seems to be most important as it will be highly visible to all.

So what can we offer you? Let’s see here, there’s Standard Glass, Starfire Glass, ShowerGuard Glass, Simple Patterned Glass, Cast Patterned Glass, Frosted Glass, and Colored Glass.

Here’s a helpful guide for all our loyal lady readers to help you decide:

Standard Glass: This is your everyday shoe. You know it, it fits, it’s not flashy, and everyone loves it.

Starfire Glass: This is a bit fancier than your everyday shoe. It looks great with dressy slacks, but it’s not too fancy for jeans.

ShowerGuard Glass: Rubber Rain Galoshes

Simple Pattern Glass: The shoe you use to “dress up” those casual outfits. Something with a heel. Heel size isn’t what’s important, more so the fact that the shoe is the show piece not the outfit.

Cast Patterned Glass: Wow shoes. Super fancy. Intricately made. Perfect for when you want to make a statement.

Frosted Glass:  This is like a neutral colored pump. It won’t go with everything, but paired properly it can create a fabulous look.

Colored Glass: Tall Boots! They can look amazing but, you need to be careful what you wear them with and when you wear them.

…Remember when I used to be a boy…

Christian F.

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