Signs You Should Replace Your Glass

April 26, 2017

If you have glass doors, cabinets, shower doors, tables, etc. in your home you understand the importance of taking care of that glass. Unfortunately, no matter how often you clean these surfaces and protect them from harm, there will be a time where you either want to or need to replace them. Here are some situations in which you should consider replacing the glass in your home.

-Your Glass Shower Door or window is not closing properly

Overtime and exposure to the elements, the hardware and lining for your glass could get damaged or come loose. When this happens it is best to act fast so you are not mopping up excess water from your shower or letting in unwanted air from outdoors.

-Discoloration or cracks

This is a pretty obvious one. If there are noticeable cracks in your glass you should get it replaced. Even if it’s just a small nick in the surface, any additional pressure could cause more damage. Discoloration can happen over time or be caused by improper cleaning methods for your glass.

-Rusty frame

If your glass is in a frame that has aged poorly over time such as developing mold or becoming weaker, it’s definitely time to upgrade. If you have a sliding door keep an eye out for any debris in the tracks as that can cause damage to both the track and the glass.

-Outdated Design

This last one is more of a personal design decision, but in the time since you had your glass installed have the styles changed? For anyone looking to renovate a room in their home or just one piece, there are tons of glass and hardware options available to reinvent the look of your room. Today, homeowners can choose from frosted, colored and textured glass as well as options on how the glass is installed.

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