Spring Cleaning- River Glass Designs Style

March 14, 2018

Hey, hey hey! Winter is finally on its way out and that means it’s time for spring cleaning! We know, cleaning isn’t always the most fun thing in the world. However, nothing beats the feeling of looking at your perfect clean and shiny rooms! Full disclosure, we don’t really have an opinion on anything other than your glass but what did you expect from us?

Now let’s move on to the information you came here for, steps to clean your glass! Yeah buddy it’s time! First things first, make sure your glass area is clear of any miscellaneous items. Next, gather up supplies. You will need a bucket of water, newspaper, vinegar, glass cleaner and a clean cloth!

With your cloth at the ready, wipe down the glass to get rid of any dust or other yuck. Then take your preferred glass cleaner (we have a special River Glass cleaner if you’re looking for a new fav), spritz the surface and wipe down with a clean cloth. If you see any dust particles or you think it needs another wipe down to be dry this is where your newspaper will come in. Wipe down the glass surface with newspaper until it’s just the way you want it.

So easy and so rewarding. Now you’ll clearly be able to see all the other spots in your house you need to clean! 😉 Happy spring!

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