July 11, 2011

cute kitten on a puppy


It is defined as being marked with grandeur, excellence, brilliance or competence.  Now I would love to strut around town telling everyone River Glass Designs does superb work. However it seems that people find it rude when you “toot your own horn” so to speak.  And don’t even get me started on the reaction I get when I strut around.  The negative stuff I don’t mind, but all the whistling and cat calls, it gets embarrassing. So I’m left with a bit of a dilemma, how do I get the word out to everyone that River Glass Designs is indeed superb.


I could make a video with a cute kitten playing in a tree, and then it falls out of the tree but instead of hitting the ground… it flies away… into space…because it’s a super space cat… and when he gets to space he meets up with his best friend a super space dog named Barks McGee and together they protect the universe from the evil teddy bears of planet Nebulon, whose only desire is to turn our planet into a giant marshmallow, but that’s not gonna happen! No it’s not! Not with Whiskers Tabington and Barks McGee on our side!

Or I could get a football player to endorse us…

Yeah, someone with a Super Bowl ring or even better a Super Bowl MVP, yeah a Super Bowl MVP,  Hall of Fame Running Back, instantly recognized by football fans the world over… Now who could we get…

Uh…How ‘Bout the one, the only, Mr. John Riggins – yeah that’s right The Diesel:

John Riggins autographed football that says River Glass Designs is superb!

Christian F.

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  • Anna says:

    Haha! I don’t know what’s better…having Barks McGee and Whiskers Tabington on our side, or having John Riggins tell us about River Glass Designs’ superb work!