Update Your Space with Glass Shelves

November 20, 2019

Glass shelves are awesome. They’re versatile and will add something to any room you put them in.

We offer glass shelving in ¼ inch, 3/8 inch and ½ inch thicknesses, with a variety of hardware options. Because each glass shelf is custom, we can fit them to any shape or size needed for your project!

Glass shelves like the ones in the photo above show the value of placing them in front of mirrors! Using glass for shelving already has the benefit of making a room or wall seem less cluttered; adding the mirror behind them keeps things bright and the appearance large.

Look how perfect the glass shelves fit in this custom project. The combination of glass’ simplicity and the stone is GORGEOUS.

Glass shelves for a bar means one thing- we want the attention on what we’re displaying. The simplicity of the glass shelves allows for what goes on them to be the main point of décor. When you want to bring in shelving in a heavily decorated or niche design, glass is the blank palate you need. 

So there you have it! All the reasons to want glass shelves. Call us if you want to make it happen! 301.977.3020

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