What’s that Called Again? European Mid Panel Glass

December 14, 2009

European Mid Panel Glass PanelA European Mid-Panel, and they are becoming more and more popular. I remember installing one for the first time and thinking, how in the world is this going to work? I assumed as many people do that water would be everywhere. And guess what? I was wrong, completely wrong, go figure.

These beautiful glass panels work amazingly well on tubs, especially if you don’t want to put a bypass door in and there’s another bonus, just think, you have guests over and they need to use the bathroom. They walk in and there it is, the European Mid-Panel. “What is that?” they say.

“Oh that?” you reply, “It’s European.”

Instantly they think “Wow, European I didn’t know they were so sophisticated, I wish we were sophisticated!”

Oh European Mid-Panel we’ve done it again!

Textured European Mid Panel Glass Shower Enclosure

Christian F.

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