8 Tips to Protect Your Glass Tabletops

September 12, 2022

Residents love the sleek, elegant look of glass tabletops in their homes. However, glass is also much more fragile and breakable than other materials. Maintaining its excellent appearance requires protection, however. If you’re interested in purchasing a glass tabletop, you should know how to take care of it first. These tips will help you maintain your glass tabletops so they last for years to come.

8 Tips to Protect Your Glass Tabletops

The simple addition of a glass tabletop can completely transform your space. By reflecting natural light, glass adds illumination to your home and gives it a modern flare. Once as you know the best ways to protect it, it’s also incredibly easy to maintain. Below, you’ll find all the information you need so you can safeguard your glass tabletops.

  1. Clean the surface often. We recommend wiping down your table after every use. Glass attracts fingerprints and other visible marks, so it’s important to keep it looking fresh. The process may seem tedious at first, but after a while, it becomes very easy. Simply clean it with a non-abrasive cloth to keep it shining!
  2. Install bumpers on the edges. Depending on where your glass tabletop is situated, you may want to protect the edges from damage. It’s easy to run into the edge of a table, and this can lead to chipping, shattering or other damage. Plus, if you have children or pets, you don’t want them running into the edge of a glass tabletop. Bumpers can help you avoid these problems, and they’re inexpensive to purchase. Concerned about how they’ll affect your table’s appearance? Don’t worry: clear options are available.
  3. Utilize Coasters and Placemats. It’s always a good idea to cover high-traffic areas on your glass tabletop. You may think that being careful is enough, but taking extra measures will lengthen your tabletop’s lifespan. The last thing you want is a chipped or scratched glass surface. To combat this issue, always use coasters for your drinks and placemats for your dish ware.
  4. Don’t place kitchenware directly on the glass. Kitchen items like pots, pans and casserole bakeware can be hard on glass tabletops. If you’re going to place these on the surface for serving, make sure to put a heat-safe cloth or fabric underneath. This will keep your table safe and let you use your kitchenware at the same time.
  1. Only use your glass tabletop for eating. Glass is the perfect choice for a dining room table, but it’s not designed for painting, crafting or children’s activities. It’s all too easy to mark up your table or scratch it if you use it in this way. Save your glass tabletop for eating, and purchase a separate surface for other activities.
  2. Use the right cleaning solutions. When you clean your glass tabletop, you should only use cleaners that are specifically designed for glass. Other cleaners can damage the surface if they’re too harsh. If you want to be extra careful, you can make a DIY cleaning solution using only natural household ingredients. However, do your research beforehand to make sure the ingredients are safe for glass.
  3. Purchase a table runner. Obtaining a table runner will allow you to protect the length of your glass tabletop. It’s also a great way to express your creativity! Table runners look attractive and upscale, especially for dinner parties.
  4. Don’t place heavy equipment on the glass. You should take great care when placing items on the table since this can be a safety hazard. Any heavy equipment like computers should be kept in a different location. If the weight puts too much pressure on the glass surface, it could cause your table to shatter unexpectedly.

River Glass Designs Can Help You Design a Brand New Glass Tabletop

Homeowners love purchasing glass tabletops to improve the look of their dining rooms and kitchens. At River Glass Designs, we can design a glass tabletop that’s suited to your preferences and needs. Our glass products are sturdy, long-lasting and beautiful. Let’s customize a design plan and bring your vision to life in four easy steps:

  1. Initial Meeting to discuss your ideas, give you an honest estimate and take accurate measurements of the space
  2. Review Design and Pricing to present our timeline and inform you of pricing options
  3. Installation to set your frameless shower doors, glass entry doors or mirrors in place
  4. Project Completion to ensure that you are 100% satisfied and make any necessary final touches

Partner with River Glass Designs Today and Transform Your Home

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