Glass Cleaning Tips

August 24, 2016

Now that your beautiful glass accents have been installed in your home, you should know exactly how to clean them so that they will remain looking brand new. Taking proper care of your glass counters, shelves, shower doors, etc. means more than just having a clean paper towel and some Windex. Here are some tips to keep your glass accents looking like brand new.


Cleaning Solutions 

  • If you’re using water, try to use distilled water. Most water from the tap isn’t completely free of particles and can leave behind specks and streaks on your glass.cloth
  • For hard water stains such as those that may be on your glass shower doors, vinegar is your best bet. The acidity will help break down any hardened stains from the constant water exposure.
  • If you’re using a cleaning mix that involves soap, remember that a little goes a long way. Too much soap in your cleaning solution will leave you with soapy streaks on your glass.

Cleaning Supplies

  • First things first, ditch the paper towels. Not only will you be left with smudges, but paper towels often leave lint on the glass as well.
  • Your best bet for a streak free shine are microfiber cloths and squeegees.
  • If you have textured or ornate glass, use a toothbrush to clean any trouble areas.
  • For hard to reach corners, opt for cotton swabs rather than cloths and squeegees for a more precise clean.

Cleaning methods

  • If your glass doesn’t need a full clean but could use a touch up, use an old cotton t-shirt or newspaper for a quick shine.squeegee
  • To avoid over-spraying, it’s best to apply the cleaning solution of your choice to the actual cloth or squeegee rather than the glass.
  • Once your solution is on the cloth, start with circular motions to remove spots and switch to vertical and horizontal strokes to shine.

If you follow any of these quick and easy tips you’ll be left with beautiful, looks like new glass.

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