Glass Doors and Where to Install Them

March 16, 2017

Glass is a very versatile material when it comes to decorating a space. Glass doors are useful in providing privacy, style, functionality and adding light. Here are great places to add a glass door in your home or office. 

In front of your garden: Adding glass doors off the side of your home to your garden not only allows you quick access and a beautiful view, but it also brings in constant natural light. Sliding glass doors, French doors, or a single glass panel door are all great options for your home.

To your home office: Don’t feel secluded in your office by adding glass doors to the entry. The doors will help block out some of the noise and can signal that you don’t want any interruptions, while still allowing you to see what is going on in your home or office. Glass panels, frosted glass, and French-style glass doors make perfect office doors.

To your dining room: Although open concepts are the huge trend right now, the idea of having separate dining rooms is still appealing to most. The addition of doors to your dining room gives the feel of the room being special and more formal than other parts of your home. This style is especially nice for homes that do a lot of entertaining.

Front door: Glass doors have remained a common style amongst homes and office buildings for the light the bring to entryways and for the style they bring to otherwise boring aspects of your home and office. Today, there are numerous options that range from frosted to textured to colored glass that home or business owners can choose from.

At the end of dark hallway/entry way: Adding glass or French-style glass doors at the start of a long hallway is great for funneling light. Instead of creating light with ceiling lamps, glass doors allow natural light to flow down the hallway and provide a well-lit area.


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