How to Use Glass in Every Space

February 23, 2016

Glass comes in several forms, textures and colors, making it a great option for any type of home design. It can brighten a room, create an elegant feel for your home and even give the illusion of a larger space. So, where is the best place to use glass in your home? Well, because of its versatility, glass can be used in any space. The possibilities are endless! Here are our top suggestions:

showerGlass showers show off tile work and are easy to clean and maintain. Each kind of glass shower keeps the design light and open, allowing you to see from one end of the room to the other.

Frameless glass shower doors are completely made of glass. These are an investment that last, with little maintenance or repair. Glass bathtub enclosures add a sophisticated glass enclosure to the base of an existing bathtub. Semi-frameless and framed shower doors are affordable. Both have a framed perimeter, but a semi-frameless door has no channel at the top, bottom or on the handle side. They do an excellent job at sealing in water and are also pretty easy to maintain.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGlass countertops and glass tabletops are extremely easy to clean, durable, unique and beautiful. They tend not to show many signs of wear and tear throughout the years of use. The non-porous surface ensures that germs and bacteria aren’t able to survive, leaving you with a sanitary surface. Glass countertops are also able to endure high heat without cracking or damaging the surface in any way. And it’s stain resistant, so no matter what is spilled on the surface, it won’t stick. The reflective glass surface bounces light and creates a bright, inviting space throughout your kitchen or dining room. And both countertops and tabletops can be custom made from a variety of colors, shape and texture options, giving you endless design options.


backsplashGlass backsplashes can brighten up any space. It can also add depth to your walls since it’s transparent, unlike many other materials. Since grout isn’t used, these backsplashes don’t require sealing and are easy to clean and maintain after they’re installed. These backsplashes can give a vibrant feel to a kitchen and can allow you to incorporate colors that you may not want to try on your walls. You can choose from mirrored, frosted or colored glass, each bringing a unique design approach to your kitchen. Each is custom cut and installed to fit your kitchen perfectly.



glass shelvesGlass shelves and glass display cases provide storage space while making a room appear larger, since they allow you to see all the way to the wall. The use of glass enhances the view of the items placed on the shelf and creates a visual appeal that is appealing and seems to float on the wall. Not only are they elegant, but they are also just as strong, durable and work just as well as other shelving materials. They can add a visual contrast and break up stainless steel elements perfectly, or they can complement other glass or mirror elements for the best visual appeal. Glass shelves can be used in almost any room and since each shelf is custom cut, the possibilities are endless!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMirrors can be used anywhere in your home; they are versatile decorating tools that bring function and beauty to every room in the house. A well placed mirror can increase light in a room, open up your space and even add a decorative element. If you have a small room, a well-placed mirror can create the illusion of space by adding continued depth. Mirrors reflect light, so for the best use, place mirrors so that they face or angle toward your natural light source. This way, they fully capture light and spread it throughout the room. Although pictures usually come to mind when it comes to the statement piece of a room, large mirrors can be used as an excellent replacement.


job-4Glass wall dividers add functionality and style to any space. They don’t block natural light, but actually increase the amount of light through your home by allowing each room to borrow light from the next. Glass wall dividers create the illusion of space within a room but also maintain privacy. Glass wall dividers are extremely versatile and can be used as a spectacular decorative and functional element in many different places: closets, private offices, bedrooms and even bathrooms. Not only can you choose from a static or portable wall dividers, you can also choose from a variety of colors and opaqueness that ranges from fully transparent to completely obscuring.



Glass staircases & glass railings can be the focal point of your home and create a spacious, airy feeling. Either can open up the layout of your home and create a nice visual balance with the combination use of other materials. Seamless, flowing elevation with a beautiful touch is created when you choose glass as a part of your staircase. Although many can be concerned with the durability and safety of glass staircases, with the right design and professional installation, they are a great option.



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