How to Style an Industrial Bathroom

June 23, 2022

Industrial bathrooms are becoming more popular. Old industrial spaces and factories inspire this style. It brings openness and a feeling of comfort for many. The minimalist style blends natural and rustic materials with raw and exposed materials like rafters, pipes, and brick. This beautiful style makes the ultimate bathroom to help you feel comfortable, relaxed, and natural.

Since this design is coming into the spotlight, it can be fun to learn how to style an industrial bathroom. There are essential features to incorporate into your bathroom to create an industrial feel, like exposed pipes and bricks, statement showers and tubs, vintage colors, lighting, and fun accessories. Keep reading if you need inspiration or ideas on what items to include in your design process! Our team of designers loves helping every customer find the best products for their homes. We want to achieve your vision.

Vanity with Exposed Pipes & Metal Accents

If you choose one thing to style an industrial bathroom with, this is it. One of the critical features of the industrial style is exposed piping. The exposed metal adds the vintage factory feel that so many people love. There are many ways to do this in your bathroom, like a vanity with a sink and exposed water pipes inside your shower. If you aren’t able to expose the pipes or don’t want them exposed, there is another way to achieve this look. You can add black metal accents to vanity legs, shower doors, shelving, mirrors, and hardware like drawers and sinks. This will still incorporate the same metal look without needing the actual pipes in the open.

Statement Shower

One of the most noticeable features of a bathroom is the shower or bathtub. It is the first thing our eyes go to when walking into a bathroom. That makes this feature essential to give extra consideration and planning. You may be wondering how to style an industrial bathroom with a shower? The most popular design is framed glass shower doors. This keeps the open look and shows off the shower hardware for the industrial style. As we’ve said, black hardware is a key feature, so adding a black metal shower frame will help you get the look. A trendy choice is grid or windowpane style with tempered, clear glass. If you already have glass shower doors, this can be an inexpensive transformation by adding black grid metal.

If you already have a detailed shower, a frameless glass shower enclosure is a perfect choice. It keeps the space open and exposes your shower hardware and details to add to the industrial design. Plus, glass shower enclosures are the easiest to clean.

Vintage Colors & Materials

Most industrial-style bathrooms use materials that look like they come from another era. Whether these are new or vintage, dark colors are essential to incorporate. Dark towels, fixtures, hardware, and rough details all give off a masculine vibe. While you can design your industrial bathroom in a way that best suits your style, light colors, materials, and floral prints are not recommended to complete this look. Add a brick wall if you want to keep your bathroom free of clutter and too many accessories. The brick will give the room a factory feel and bring natural, raw materials indoors. If you don’t want to invest in brick, paint an accent wall dark green, black, maroon, or any dark color you want.

Exposed Lighting

The industrial-style bathroom has many vital features like piping, showers, and hardware. One of the design’s most essential, classic features is exposed lighting. If you’ve gone to stores or restaurants, you have seen this style. It is growing in popularity to use exposed lighting like filament bulbs. This classic look is designed to replicate the old-school warm glowing lights. They can hang from a black cord with black hardware or be inside a black hardware cage. These styles complete the industrial design.


If you’re wondering how to style an industrial bathroom with accessories, look for black and white accessories. Black and white towels continue the theme of dark colors and a clean appearance. Look for any solid black trash cans or metal basket styles. Metal is an essential feature to incorporate into every item you buy. A beautiful way to add a sleek industrial look is a rectangle or circular mirror framed with black metal. Pair these with your metal-framed vanity, dark glass decorations, and vintage pictures and your industrial bathroom will be complete.

Work with River Glass Designs for Your Industrial Bathroom

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