Improve Your Home With Glass Railings

May 5, 2022

Glass railings are one of the most timeless and beautiful ways to improve the aesthetics of your home and even raise your property value. They can be incorporated throughout the home, whether they are on a staircase or balcony, and they offer the rare intersection between form and function. How can you improve your home with glass railings? 

How Do Glass Railings Raise Your Home’s Value?

Even if you are not planning on selling your home in the immediate future, it’s always a good idea to think about the value of your home when you are making major investments and design decisions. Glass railings are a great way to boost the value of your home, and there are a variety of reasons why that’s the case. 

  • Better Interior Style

Glass railings feel more modern and sleek, which is appealing for a variety of interior design styles. Whether you are installing them on a balcony outside of your home or around your pool, it’s an easy way to elevate the look and feel of your property. Because they can suit a variety of styles, they also raise the value of your home without making it polarizing for potential buyers. 

  • A Clear View

Inside or outside of your home, you work hard so that your property looks beautiful. Glass railings allow you to soak in the beauty of your living space and let in warm, natural light. Glass railings offer an alternative to clunky or unattractive railings that might distract from your home instead of adding value to it. 

  • More Safety

These railings are crafted from tempered glass, which is reinforced and specifically designed to hold up even under heavy wear and tear or pushing and pulling from kids and pets. If you are concerned that completely translucent glass railings could make you more exposed than you’d like, you can always use translucent or semi-opaque railings that allow light to enter without making you feel exposed. 

  • Convenience and Durability

Glass railings might look delicate, but they are designed to be extremely durable and hold up to regular interior or exterior use. Even if you live in an area with hail or hurricanes, outdoor glass railings are manufactured with those circumstances in mind. When choosing the right glass railings for your home, make sure that you ensure they are appropriate for your preferred indoor or outdoor use. 

  • Easy to Maintain

Maintenance is always a consideration when choosing elements to add to your property, and glass railings are very easy to maintain. Unlike wood, which requires regular staining or careful maintenance, glass can be exposed to sun, wind, and moisture without extreme weathering or damage. 

  • Versatility

Finally, glass railings are available in a broad range of designs, thicknesses, tints, and more. You can choose from both framed and frameless options depending on your design preferences, and you can choose from frames made from steel or aluminum. If you aren’t sure whether or not glass railings are right for your space or if you need help visualizing it, the team at River Glass Designs is here to help. 

What Are the Different Options for Glass Railings?

There are four main types of glass railings that can be further customized with different tints and finishes:

  1. Posts, which are installed on either side of the pane of glass, as well as above them so that you have somewhere to lean without touching or smearing the glass
  2. Pins, which are much more minimalist and sleek, and which are still strong enough to keep glass mounted
  3. Base rails, which are designed for the most challenging situations, including areas that regularly experience high winds and hurricanes, and which have a thick base rail on the bottom in addition to smaller pieces that attach the panes to one another
  4. Talons, which are some of the most minimalist options for your glass railings, are easy to install and do not cover up much of the surface area of the glass

Different options are more appropriate for certain situations. For example, the options that are perfect for use on an indoor staircase are not necessarily the same ones that you would want to install around your pool to fence off the area during the summer. River Glass Designs can help you determine the perfect choice for your situation so that you love the railings that you end up with. 

We Can Install Your Custom Glass Railings with Care

River Glass Designs is an award-winning, locally-owned company serving Washington, DC. We offer a wide variety of custom glass products and services for both residential and commercial customers throughout the Washington, D.C. area, including mirrors, glass entry doors, frameless showers, semi-framed and framed showers. If you are looking for frosted glass doors or custom glass railings, call us today at 301-977-3020.

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