Meet the Draxel’s Custom Glass Project!

May 30, 2019

For this month’s blog we’re throwing it back to one of our past custom glass projects! A couple years ago we helped Marilynn and Hugo Draxl create their dream breakfast bar! It turned out so well that it was even featured in the Baltimore Sun’s Chesapeake Home + Living!

When the Draxls wanted to renovate their kitchen, they had a specific image in mind- a space that felt like a fluid area with large views of the outdoors. Together, with April Pardoe, they were able to create just that. The large windows that allowed for gorgeous views of surrounding nature turned on their love for the simplicity of glass- that’s where we came in!

We were tasked with creating a glass breakfast bar that seamlessly hovered by a window, making it appear like it was floating. The concept itself is awesome and if pulled off would create an incredible feature to the home. Not ones to shy away from a challenge, we dove in and pulled off a pretty amazing breakfast bar. The Draxls loved it and our team walked away knowing we tackled that design challenge with smashing success!

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