Picking out hardware and finishes for your frameless shower

January 25, 2021

There’s nothing like adding those final touches onto a home project. We’ve made it our mission to provide styles that anyone will love to compliment their new frameless glass shower. Here at River Glass Designs, we offer a variety of hardware and finishes. Let’s dive in!

Frameless glass door handles:

Our standard hardware comes in five different designs. Each one providing a different type of aesthetic to your bathroom. 

Counterpoint: Adds a sleek modern feel.

Mitered: Has a more industrial look but still very modern.

Opus: Rounded, simple and smooth for a more traditional aesthetic.

Seen here:

Square handles: Ultra-modern while leaning more on the industrial side style-wise. 

Traditional: This provides more of a vintage element to your shower while still having that polished feel.

Concerto: Modern and clean.

Overture 1: Sleek with a clear bar as the handle. 

Rondo: Elongated handle with vintage design elements.

Sonata 1: Very design focused with elegant finishes on the handle. 

Symphony 1: Beautifully sculpted handle with slight vintage details.

As far as glass door hinges go, we keep it pretty simple offering 4 different designs:

Glass to glass square hinge: This is a very modern square finish.

Glass to glass traditional: Similar to the square hinge but with more rounded edges.

Wall-mount square: This provides a hint of simplicity with one portion of the hinge slightly hidden.

Wall-mount traditional: Similar to the square wall-mount but with more of a rounded finish.

Seen here:

To learn more about our full hardware and finish options, visit our website: https://riverglassdesigns.com /products/frameless-hardware-finishes/. We’re happy to help with any hardware decisions or to answer any of your questions!


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