Using Glass as a Room Divider

January 20, 2016

glass room dividerA room divider is a screen or piece of furniture placed in a way that divides a room into separate
areas, creating more efficient use of the space within the room. Room dividers are a creative way
to add functionality and style to interior design. They can be made of various materials and can be both static and portable. They also may be completely obscuring, or fully transparent or to offer only partial sight.


Do you want to open your home’s design but also maintain some privacy? Glass is an excellent material when it comes to room dividers. Here are the benefits of glass as a room divider:

– Maintains an open floor plan where rooms can flow together.
Glass Room Divider

– Offers great visual appeal combined with functionality.

– Doesn’t block natural light.

– Creates the illusion of space.

– Can be a spectacular decorative element.

– Comes in different colors and textures.

– Can be used in closets, private offices, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Beautiful Glass Room Divider Ideas For Studio Residences

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