Why Glass Entry Doors are Great for Commercial Use

January 28, 2022

It’s not only what’s on the inside that counts; as a business owner, you want to make a positive first impression before your customers enter the building. Your signage and entryway will be the first things your customers see, so these should be functional and attractive. Otherwise, potential visitors might decide to take their business elsewhere. You don’t want that!

Glass entry doors are a top choice for a wide variety of businesses nationwide. They are appealing to look at, easy to operate, and cost-effective. If you want to know more about the vast benefits of glass entry doors, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few reasons why you should choose this type of entryway for your company.


Glass adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Glass entry doors bring a sense of style to entrances that other alternatives can’t match. If you want your business to stay up-to-date and modern, glass entry doors are an ideal way to maintain an outstanding appearance. By providing natural light and a wonderful air of refinement, they are sure to leave a lasting impression. If you’re wondering if it is time to upgrade your commercial entryway, know that switching over to glass will be something you won’t regret.

Energy Efficient

Utility bills can get expensive, no matter how large or small your commercial business is. Glass entry doors are especially good for providing a stable temperature inside the building. This means less electricity usage, and less electricity usage means decreased expenses. Components such as insulation, thermal breaks, and weather seals all play a role in sustaining a consistent, moderate temperature.


Glass entry doors are incredibly strong and durable. The materials are crafted with longevity in mind, and they’ll be sure to withstand inclement weather conditions. Additionally, with reliability comes security. With glass doors, there is less risk of breaking and entering due to the weight of storefront glass. You need to always keep your employees and products safe, and tough glass entry doors are your first line of defense.

Easy to Clean

Unlike other materials, glass is easy to clean and maintain. Simply apply a non-toxic glass cleaner to a non-abrasive cloth and wipe down your doors every few days. If the commercial doors are a bit too tall to reach, consider using a long-armed dual pivot squeegee to get the job done. Cleaning tasks that are easy to perform and can be completed quickly will be appreciated by your workers. Not to mention, your customers will be more inclined to step inside clean, sparkling glass entry doors.


If potential customers can’t see inside your store, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. People love to window shop and browse before selecting a specific store. With glass entry doors, your visitors will be able to get a peek inside and see all you have to offer. Why pass that up and block access to your products and services? Glass displays are welcoming and intriguing to look at, and they’re sure to increase profits.


At River Glass Designs, all our glass products are highly customizable. Do you want enclosed glass entry doors, or a more open concept? How about arched glass or an artful pattern? Your doors can be textured or smooth, colored, or transparent, and they come in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions. Our team of creative professionals would be happy to help bring your vision to life. No matter what unique specifications you require, we can design something that meets your precise needs.

Are you interested in installing glass entry doors? Check out our custom glass projects gallery today and start planning your design! We are a leading provider of glass entry doors in the area, and our specialists are committed to providing reliable, one-of-a-kind service.  

We Can Install Your Glass Entry Doors With Care

River Glass Designs is an award-winning, locally owned company serving Washington, DC. We offer a wide variety of custom glass products and services for both residential and commercial customers throughout the Washington, D.C. area, including glass entry doors, frameless showers, semi-framed and framed showers. If you are looking for glass entry doors for your commercial establishment, call us today at 301-977-3020.

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