5 Unique Glass Railing Ideas

October 21, 2021

As you customize your home to be exactly what you are looking for, one of the many decisions that you will need to make is what type of railings you would like to have. While most people think of traditional wood or metal railings, glass railings are an enticing option with plenty of benefits. If you are looking for creative glass railing ideas, River Glass Designs is the perfect partner for you. Embrace all that glass railings have to offer and update your home today.

What Are Glass Railings?

Glass railings are crafted with safe, strong tempered glass. The tempering process is used to make the pieces of glass more rigid and guard against damage and cracking. Modern homes often use glass railing ideas to make their space look sleeker and more streamlined.

5 Unique Glass Railing Ideas

  1. Try mixing and matching materials with wooden steps and glass railings. This allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of wood with the modern touch of a glass railing.
  2. Incorporate glass railings on floating stairs so that it appears like there is nothing there at all. If you use clear glass without any privacy tint or pattern added, it can create a beautiful and stunning look.
  3. Another one of the most popular glass railing ideas is using them with a spiral staircase. Many homeowners are surprised to know that glass can still be used for curved stairs, and at River Glass Designs we can make your dreams into reality.
  4. If you also want to separate the staircase from your living space, you can use glass railings that are tall and that effectively serve as walls dividing your space without the closed-in look that traditional walls would give.
  5. Glass is also a great match for colorful stairs, as you don’t need to worry about it potentially clashing with the color that you want to paint your steps or walls like wood might. Whether you want your stairs to be a bright avocado green or a deep dark stain, your stairs will look wonderful paired with glass railings.

What Are the Benefits of Glass Railings?

  1. Glass railings are transparent, so just like glass shower doors they allow for improved visibility and clearer sight lines. Glass railings are a cost-effective way to make sure that your staircase doesn’t clutter up the room, or that your pool is still safely surrounded by a railing but not taken away from with a bulky or unattractive wood or metal railing. They also allow light to distribute more evenly through the space, which is helpful for areas of your home that might be dim.
  2. Glass railings might seem like they would be high maintenance, but the opposite is true. Wooden railings are much more labor-intensive, as they require regular staining and polishing to stay beautiful and protected. Wood railings outside also often have short lifespans before they need to be replaced. Glass railings are less susceptible to weather conditions and are easy to keep clean.
  3. Glass railings, especially when using our glass railing ideas, are very safe and durable. Having a sturdy railing is important to reduce the trip and fall hazards that can occur on staircases and outdoors. Glass railings will stay strong even in the face of winds and rain, and they will not crack due to extreme temperatures or corrode after water exposure.
  4. Glass railings are completely customizable to meet your preferences, whether you want your railing to look sleek and modern or be tinted to offer a little more privacy. We know how to design and customize glass railings to meet your precise needs. Depending on your preferences, we can make the glass a different shape, size or transparency. We can also guide you in choosing steps if you are building the entire staircase from scratch and searching for the perfect steps.
  5. Finally, glass railings look wonderful. They boast clean lines and a contemporary look that adds to your space and never takes away the beauty of it. You will enjoy something that always matches the rest of your home, whether you want to change the color of the walls or switch up the room surrounding your glass railings and staircase. Glass railings are loved by so many homeowners because they always contribute to the beauty of a space without ever talking away from it.

Where Can You Find Glass Railing Ideas for Your Home?

River Glass Designs is an award-winning, locally-owned shower door company serving Washington, DC. We offer a wide variety of custom shower products and services for both residential and commercial customers throughout the Washington, D.C. area, including frameless showers, semi-framed and framed showers. Call us today at 301-977-3020 to get started on your glass railing project.

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