6 Reasons Why You Should Have Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

July 13, 2022

Designing your home can be a stressful but exciting task. Your home reflects your style and creative vision, and it’s where you relax at the end of the day. Depending on each room’s importance, you may want to consider your vision and desire for the area. Size, shape, texture, placement, color, and pattern are all crucial factors to consider when creating your perfect space.

A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. The amount of time we spend in our bathrooms can vary, but we all need the restroom, shower, and mirror. There are many benefits to having a mirror in your bathroom, and we will discuss them today. Below are 6 reasons why you should have bathroom vanity mirrors.

1. Creates more space

In many homes, the bathroom is a high-traffic room, especially if you have guests over often. When you add a mirror to your vanity, this will create the illusion of more space. The added depth will increase the feeling of openness, especially if you can place a mirror across from a window. Nobody wants to feel cramped and enclosed when getting ready for their day. We should go into any room of our home feeling comfortable, not rushed and confined. Starting your day right is a big part of the 6 reasons why you should have bathroom vanity mirrors.

2. Creates symmetry

When designing a room, symmetry can make or break the style. Adding a circular mirror could throw off the balance if you have a rectangle shower, bath, vanity, and/or windows. If your goal is to create a streamlined space that is sleek and balanced, a square mirror with a decorative frame will transform the look of the room. A mirror can also reduce the need for added artwork in the room. By taking up wall space with a vanity mirror across from a window, you can reflect the outside view as well as add more depth.

3. Adds lighting

Add a vanity mirror if you have a bathroom with no windows or want a brighter space. The glass reflects the room’s natural light by bouncing off countertops, shower doors, and windows. This natural lighting enhancement can eliminate the need for more light fixtures or added windows. When you have a bright, clean space to comfort you in times of self-care, your home is improved. A more beautiful and bright home is a great reason you should have bathroom vanity mirrors.

4. Hidden storage space

Adding a vanity mirror with a storage cabinet is a perfect choice if you have a small space or want a sleek design. The cabinet is hidden behind the mirror, eliminating the need for a separate storage shelf or cupboard. This will open your walls and space for more designs or keep it clean and simple. A vanity mirror with storage can also be customized to fit your specific style and storage sizing needs.

5. Enhances the style

A bathroom vanity mirror can be designed to fit many different styles like contemporary, industrial, farmhouse, traditional, and more. When you find a vanity mirror that matches your style, the enhancement to the room will be transformative and maybe the finishing touch you were looking for! Like a shower door, vanity, and lighting, the fixtures and features you add to a room create the style.

6. Hygiene

We use our bathroom mainly to brush our teeth, bathe, style our hair, and practice self-care. A vanity mirror is essential to these practices so that we can see our appearance. Without a mirror, you might miss the food in your teeth, hair sticking up, or a sunburn on your cheeks. When a room is meant to provide comfort and a space to care for yourself, it should also help empower you. Freshening up and doing makeup or skincare in a clean room can transform how you look at yourself and boost your confidence.

Where Can You Find Vanity Mirrors?

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